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Memories For Surviving Kids, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been accepted as a project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs.  Their fiscal sponsorship allows tax deductible contributions to be made to Memories for Surviving Kids, Inc.  We're just getting started, and your funding will allow us to continue to establish literature, spread the word,  and provide 'Letter Request Kits' now available for surviving parents and guardians.  These letter request kits will help 'break the ice' and start Memories for Surviving Kids conversations.

To make a donation online please use our Paypal option.

To make a donation by check.  Please make checks payable to "SEE" and place the text "Memories for Surviving Kids" in the memo field.

and mail to:

Memories for Surviving Kids, Inc.

54 Rainey St. Unit 302 

Austin, TX  78701

                                                            Donor Acknowledgement

Please be encouraged to make your donation with mention of a tribute to someone, and we will happily display your sentiment here.  If you made your donation online, please feel free to email your tribute, or write to the address above.


..For Sharon, and her son Jonathan

                                       -- Linda Haas  Scotts Valley, CA